Friday, April 23, 2010

will you share with me?

I need a good meatball recipe, preferably one without pork in it. If you have a good one will you post it? My kids will thank you. :)


  1. I have a tofu nut balls recipe that I used to make for the boys. It's in Mollie Katzen's Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Are you interested?

  2. You know, I think I have that cookbook... I'll check it out! Thanks :)

  3. If you find one, let me know!!!

    Hey, I have a "chattanooga" giveaway over on my blog. Check it out :)

  4. I nominated you for a Sweet Blog award here:

  5. Did anyone ever give you a recipe? OK This one is super easy, my 3 year old loves to "help" and it is pretty healthy.
    1 lb Ground Turkey
    1 lb Lean Ground Beef
    1 small onion
    2-3 Eggs
    Garlic Powder
    2 Tbsp italian breadcrumbs or 2 pieces of toast completely crumbled
    you can throw in some parmesan cheese if you like... my son can't have it.

    chop onion up as teeny as you can (I use a whopper chopper)combine all ingredients together in a huge bowl and roll into balls. Bake in oven at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the size) I like to do mine on a roasting pan that lets the fat drip off. Add into your sauce... (2 cans tomato sauce, 2 cans stewed tomatoes blended, season to preference)